Mr. Peter Seddon

Hi! My name is Pete, a new JET from New Zealand working at Asuka Senior High School. I studied TESOL and Linguistics at university, as well as a little Japanese. In my spare time I enjoy hiking and camping or, if the weather is no good, I like to play video games and watch anime.
I have absolutely loved my time in Japan so far; everyone has been incredibly kind, and even in such a big city as Tokyo there is still plenty of greenery. I look forward to seeing more of Japan, and experiencing more Japanese culture.


Ms. Cherise Laing

Hello, everyone! My name is Cherise Laing and I am a JET from the beautiful island on the Caribbean called Jamaica. Jamaica is a diverse country, popularly known for its warm sunshine, white sandy beaches and Reggae music. I majored and minored in Spanish and History respectively at the University of the West Indies before coming to Japan where I cultivated my love for English teaching.
I am passionate about teaching and enjoy educating the young minds at Asuka High School.
I believe that while it’s important to teach our students, it is twice as meaningful to also learn from them.

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